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Home Damage: Why Restoration is Best

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

While you don't want to ever have to deal with any type of fire or water damage, the reality is this: 14,000 people are affected by water damage emergencies in the home or workplace daily. Fire damage restoration and water damage repair are necessary to help restore a home to its original condition again. Learn why restoring a home is better than starting all over again or ignoring the situation in the first place.

You Protect What Healthy Foundation You Have

Having a healthy foundation will help preserve your home when you encounter water emergencies or smoke damage. Did you know that it only takes two days for mold to start to set in when you get moisture damage in the home, and that the longer things stay wet, the more likely they are to be permanently damaged?

This is why getting your home restored after any type of fire or water damage is so important. You need to preserve as much of your home's foundation as possible, allowing yourself to keep as much of your expensive investment intact as you can.

You Keep Your Family Safe

When you have smoke damage restoration done on your home, you improve the air quality of your living space and make your house easier to be in. Water damage restoration prevents mold and mildew from building up, which is beneficial in its own way as well. You want to keep your family safe by creating a healthy environment for them following a home disaster.

You Preserve Your Home's Value

Any lingering damage to your home will cause the value of your property to drop dramatically. Mold damage and warped wood, soot-stained walls, peeling paint, and other damages caused by smoke and water will make your home not only lose value, but become an expensive investment when you do decide to finally fix up what has been damaged. In getting fire damage restoration and other needs completed as soon as they occur, you help keep your home's value stronger than ever.

If you have smoke, water, or another type of home disaster occur, seek professional services right away. Your home remediation specialist will give you the assistance you need to make your home sound and livable again.

Holiday Guest Preparation Tips from Home Cleaning Experts in Hickory Hollow

12/18/2017 (Permalink)

The holiday season is in full swing, and along with the holidays come our beloved guests.

Whether a weekend party or just a weeknight family dinner, hosting friends and family members in your home is always a great experience.

However, preparation for these guests can be overwhelming and stressful.

If you are frantically running around trying to figure out where to start, here are some great tips that will make your hosting one of the best:

Guest Preparation and Home Cleaning Tips During the Holiday

1. Bed and Breakfast Comfort

If your guests are spending the night, you’ll want them to get that five-star experience. Even though your house may not be big and luxurious, you can still pull this off. Just ensure you do the following:

  • Clean out the guest’s room so that it’s neat and welcoming.
  • Ensure you have fresh and clean sheets and duvets, and a couple of extra pillows.
  • Open the windows for fresh air.
  • Set a couple of books and magazines that your guests may love reading before bed.
  • Give your guest some privacy, especially in the evenings and early in the mornings.

2. Prepare the Bathrooms

Ensure that you remove all your personal items from the bathroom that your guests will use. Your old towel and your used hairbrush are not exactly welcoming to them. 

Make your bathroom spick and span and make sure it smells amazing.

3. Take the Sniff Test of Your Home

Did you know that you cannot discern the true scent of your home?

This makes it really difficult to know how the house exactly smells. Is it good or bad? You can make sure it's smelling fresh by:

  • Using great smelling cleaning products.
  • Using air fresheners.
  • Lighting a scented candle.
  • Making sure all the pets are clean.

4. Light Up Your Home

Your deck or patio is a nice spot to host guests in your home. You can extend the time your guests spend outside by ensuring that your outdoors are properly illuminated. You can use overheard lights such as dimmers to bring out that warm cozy feeling.

5. Clear Out the Front Porch

On a normal day, you might have unsightly objects such as old chairs or your child’s toys on your porch and not feel bothered about them.  But if you have guests on their way, you need to remove them right away.

Your front porch is important for first impressions. These impressions will stick with your guests whether or not your interiors are tidy.

Running Out of Time? Call Home Cleaning Experts in Hickory Hollow

At SERVPRO, we know that hosting your friends and family is a big deal. But with all the shopping everything you have to do in the kitchen, who has the time for some tiring holiday cleaning?

With SERVPRO, you don’t have to worry about mopping the floors or making the bathroom sparkling clean. Get in touch with us today!

Holiday Home Safety Tips from Emergency Restoration Experts in Nashville

11/27/2017 (Permalink)

Where will you be heading to this holiday season?

Out of the country? To a friend’s place? To a family get-together?  To a five-star hotel?

Unless you’ll be hosting guests, chances are, you’ll be away from home during the holidays.

But how safe will your house be when you’ll be on vacation?

These ideas should help you in safeguarding your home when you’re away:

3 Ways of Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays

1. Keep Your Traveling Plans on a Need to Know Basis

When going for vacation, you’ll want everybody to know about it. But not so fast.

Announcing your absence to everyone can be a safety hazard. It can expose your home to danger by attracting people with ulterior motives such as burglars.

Don’t forget to cancel or forward your daily deliveries such as newspapers, magazines, and groceries for the entire period you’ll be absent.

2. Ask Your Neighbors to Be on the Look Out

Inform a trusted neighbor about your trip. They will be able to notify you or the relevant authorities in case they notice any suspicious activity in your home.

And if you have understanding neighbors, you can also ask them to ensure that your home doesn’t show any signs of your absence by shoveling away snow from the driveway.

3. Turn off All Electric Appliances

Statistics from the U.S. Fire Department shows that cases of fires caused by electricity spike during the holiday season.

A faulty electronic appliance or a single naked wire could set off a fire in your home. Ensure that your electrical system is inspected and repaired before heading out.

Also, make sure you have all the lights and appliances switched off to prevent sudden power surges from destroying them.

SERVPRO Offers Quick and Efficient Home Cleaning Services in Nashville

It is also important to do some holiday cleaning and leave your home clean and orderly before heading out.

But there’s a big possibility you’ll be strained on time – considering the fact that you’ll have to pack, book flights, and make reservations.

But worry not. SERVPRO is here to save your day.

We are a leading home cleaning and emergency restoration company in Nashville. Contact us today for quick and professional services.

Worried About Summer HVAC Costs? How to Lower Utility Bills

6/6/2017 (Permalink)

If you feel that your electricity bills are unnecessarily high in the summer because of your heating and cooling system, there are some changes you want to make and some things you can look into. You want to have a service expert look at your heating and cooling system so you can stop wasting money, and to make sure there aren't repairs that are costing you. Talk with the service expert about these things to maintain your air conditioning system in the summer.

Service Your AC Unit

The air conditioning unit is the HVAC appliance that runs throughout the summer, and if it isn't maintained properly, it could be costing you a lot of money. A service professional can check the Freon levels, change the filter, lubricate all the gears and mechanical components, and tune the machine up so that it works more efficiently and correctly. This also allows the expert to see if there is anything problematic with the unit.

Run an Attic Fan

During the hot summer months the warm air in your home will rise to the top of the house and get trapped in the attic. An attic fan helps to remove the air from the attic, allowing the house to keep cool, and reduces the amount of time your air conditioner has to work to keep the temperature down. If you don't currently have an attic fan, find out how much it will be to have one installed.

Check Your Vents

If any of the vents are closed around the house, it makes it hard to control the temperature in the house. This could be causing your air conditioner to run harder and for longer, which is costing you money. A service company can also look through your air ducts to see if there is anything causing airflow problems, which can relate to poor efficiency. SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow can help diagnose your air vents and save you money.

The summer temperatures are hot enough, and you don't want your utility bills to be high too. With seasonal home maintenance you can bring down the cost of your summer utility bills, and the expenses associated with running your air conditioner.

Effective DIY Alternatives to Running an Air Conditioner

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

Opening windows instead of running the AC is a great option in the summer time!

If you don’t have an air conditioner, there may be a few alternatives to cooling your home that you can set up yourself. While you may not achieve the same exact results, you can likely lower the temperature enough to a level that’s most comfortable for you.

The following tips, from SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow, offer several DIY alternatives to running an AC to keep cool this summer.

Take It Easy

A lot of the heat that’s generated in your home comes from your movement, using appliances like the dryer or the oven, and using electronic devices, especially computers. So, if there’s a heatwave, avoid cooking or using your oven if possible. Order takeout or make meals that are easy to prepare, like sandwiches and cereal. This way you’ll generate minimal heat in your house.

Window Management

Close your blinds and curtains to keep the sun out as much as possible. Your windows should also be shut as well. Keeping them open during the night when temperatures are lower allows cooler air in, and if you keep them shut during the day, it’ll trap whatever cool air entered overnight in your house. If it’s hotter inside than it is outside, though, then by all means, keep the windows open to cool things down a bit. You can even put a box fan in the window to let in the cooler air.

Cold Sheets

If you’re finding that opening a window isn’t cooling it down fast enough, then spray a sheet with cold water and use it to cover the open window. As the air passes through, the cold and damp sheet will cool the air in your home.

Homemade Air Conditioner

By itself, a fan isn’t always cooling, because if the air inside is already warm, the fan will just be blowing warm air around instead of cooling the existing air like an AC does. However, placing a bowl full of ice in front of a fan to help cool the air as the ice evaporates.

Take it to the next level by constructing an inexpensive homemade AC using tubing, a barrel of ice water and a fan. The cold water flows through tubing attached to the back of the fan which cools the blowing air. It works like a central AC system where the air flows through the air ducts to escape through different rooms of the house. It may get a little bit messy with handling the condensation, but it is an affordable option.

How does your HVAC work?

5/17/2017 (Permalink)

What keeps your HVAC unit running?

A home’s HVAC, (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system  keeps rooms comfortable throughout the year. Heating the home can happen in several different ways. If the house uses forced air, the air is warmed then forced through the air ducts of the house and up through registers or vents. Radiators use steam or hot water from a boiler to heat the house, and radiant heat uses pads or coils that hide beneath the floor or behind walls.

More and more people are turning to solar heating to warm their homes. A solar heating system uses collectors on the roof of the house to gather the sun’s energy and distribute it through the rooms in the form of heat. Some people in milder climates use geothermal heating. It takes advantage of the fact that after a certain depth the ground stays at a constant temperature, no matter how warm or cold the air is. In geothermal heating, pipes buried in the ground help warm the house in the winter and help cool it in the summer.

Forced air heaters and boilers are often large pieces of equipment found in the basement or crawlspace of a house. Heaters can be powered by electricity, oil or natural gas. Some heaters are converted into air conditioners during the summers. In that case, they’re called heat pumps.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are far more complex than heating systems. The job of an air conditioner, whether it be a central air conditioner or a room unit, is not to add cold but to remove heat. It does this through a system of coils, condensers, fans and refrigerants. The cooled air is then blown into the house through the air ducts.


The ventilation system makes sure that fresh air moves into the house and stale air is taken away. The ventilation can be powered or static. Static ventilation includes doors, windows and vents. Powered ventilators include exhaust fans or attic fans. These work with windows and doors to remove excess heat from the rooms. This system may cool a house down so much that the air conditioner doesn’t need to be used. Ventilation systems may also use dehumidifiers to pull excess humidity out of the air.

For more information about the HVAC system or to set up an appointment to have it serviced, get in touch with SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow.

4 of the Best Carpet Types for Middle Tennessee Weather

1/23/2017 (Permalink)

These are four of the best carpet types to consider for Middle Tennessee!

If you are thinking about installing new carpeting in your Tennessee home, you may have grand dreams of improving the beauty of your home décor through the right selection of flooring. Carpeting is a wonderful material that adds soft texture, noise control and even warmth to your space, but there are many types of carpeting to choose from. A smart idea is to choose a carpet material that will hold up well with Middle Tennessee weather conditions in mind. Local weather conditions can be harsh, with everything from high humidity levels to rapid temperature fluctuations and extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum. These are four of the best carpet types to consider for the area:


Nylon Carpet

The good news is that most carpets are made out of nylon, so you will have plenty of options to consider. This material is among the most durable option available, so it is ideal in high-traffic areas of the home. It also is easy to clean, is soil and mildew-resistant, and is non-allergenic to boot.



Polyester is less common and less durable than nylon, but it is still a smart decision for the area because it is non-allergenic and wicks away moisture. It’s also easy to clean and is resistant to moths and mildew, which are both concerns in the Nashville & Percy Priest area.



Wool is a higher end material that has very long longevity, but it can be more expensive than nylon and polyester materials. It has a luxurious look and feel to it and has exceptional resiliency and durability for high-traffic areas. It’s also very stain resistant. In the harsh climate Middle Tennessee is known for, investing in a high-end, natural material may be a wise move to make.



Acrylic carpeting is a synthetic material that is most closely associated with wool. Primarily used in commercial environments, it does have some applications in high traffic areas of the home. It is resistant to soil, staining, static, mildew and moths, and it is easy to clean. Another great benefit of this material is that it resists fading when exposed to sunlight, and there are many sunny days that residents in the local area enjoy.

When you invest in new carpeting for your Middle Tennessee home, things like staining, carpet cleaning and more should come to mind. Some materials are easier to maintain and to keep clean than others. Even when you make a wise decision about which carpet type to install in your home, all carpeting will need to be professionally cleaned from time to time. SERVPRO of Percy Priest/Hickory Hollow can improve the look of each of these types of carpets for you so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of clean carpeting for years to come.