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3 Can’t-Miss Areas for a Truly “Spring Clean” Home

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

Spring is in the air. For many folks, that brings thoughts of deep cleaning and freshening up the house. Ridding the house of the stale smells and post-holiday grime doesn’t just make your home feel great, it can help keep your family healthy.

Today, we are going to talk about three areas you’ll want to add to your deep cleaning to do list that will make a huge impact on your “spring fresh” efforts:

1 - Deep Clean Carpets and Upholstered Furniture

Especially for those with pets, kids, and frequent guests, carpets and upholstery starts to look grungy and holds funky smells. Dirt and oils that settle deep into carpets can cause damage, acting as an abrasive. They break down the base of the carpet. Similarly, dirt and oils can wear your upholstery's fabric down, making the piece look older and more worn out than it should.

The first step you’ll want to take is a deep, thorough vacuuming. Move the furniture, use the attachments that get into the corners, and pay attention to high traffic areas, pulling the vacuum slowly to suck up the most dirt. Use appropriate attachments to vacuum upholstery, too. This will help remove pet hair and some of the dirt and grime.

If you really want to get the carpets and upholstery clean, you’ll need to go further. Hot water extractor carpet cleaners can be rented or purchased at any home improvement or big box type stores, but be aware that “your mileage may vary” as far as effectiveness. Many of these machines simply don’t have the suction power to pull dirt and water from deep within the carpet fibers. Calling the experts is your best bet. They have the tools and methods to truly deep clean your carpets and upholstery without damaging them.

2 - Draperies and Blinds

Dust, pet hair, pollen, musty smells and sometimes even food smells collect on draperies and curtains over time, especially over the winter when windows are left closed. Springtime is a great time to think about cleaning your window treatments, especially before you open the windows for the first time this season.

Some vacuums have attachments that allow you to remove surface dust from draperies and blinds. If you have these attachments, you can take some time to do this, but you should still consider deep cleaning them.

Most plastic or metal blinds can be taken down and cleaned by spraying them down with a hose and some dish soap. Wood blinds should never be soaked down; use a quality dusting spray specifically for wood. Fabric blinds take extra care, and may need to be dry cleaned. Some curtains and draperies can be machine washed on a gentle or “hand wash” cycle and line dry while they are still damp. Don’t put curtains or draperies in the dryer! Best case, they will shrink up and hang a few inches shorter. Worst case, the textured fabric could melt and ruin the draperies altogether.

To get the optimal clean and ensure your window coverings won’t be damaged in the process, call in a professional cleaning and restoration service. They have special equipment and processes to clean your draperies and blinds while they are hanging in place; not only are you getting a good, deep, damage-free clean, your home won’t be left exposed. You won’t get the feeling that you are in a fishbowl while your window coverings are off getting cleaned.

3- HVAC Systems and Air Ducts

Dust, pollen, pet hair, and mold spores collect in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC). This doesn’t just cause musty, dusty, funky smells, but it also means that your HVAC systems are running less efficiently, costing you money down the road.

Start by replacing or cleaning the air filters for the air conditioner. It’s best to replace your air filters routinely; this should happen as often as every 45-90 days for homes with pets and/or smokers. It’s especially important if you have people with allergies in your home.

The next step to achieve a deep clean is to focus on cleaning your air ducts. You can do this in a limited capacity using a vacuum cleaner hose with a flexible hose attachment, but these attachments can only reach so far. You won’t get a thorough clean. This is another instance where it is best to have an expert check over the HVAC system and air ducts. They can evaluate the need for an air duct cleaning and provide thorough cleaning of the HVAC system and ductwork.

Checking these three “to-dos” off your list will make a big difference in improving the appearance and freshening the smell of your home. For all of your spring cleaning needs, including tackling these 3 major areas, contact us at SERVPRO of Percy Priest/Hickory Hollow today!

Cleaning for Holiday Visitors

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Holidays are a time for friends and family members to get together and make merry. However, hosting guests in your house brings its own share of troubles.

In the midst of all the shopping and cooking, the last thing you want to be worrying about is keeping your home clean.

Holiday cleaning is no walk in the park, but you can make it easier and effective with these SERVPRO cleaning tips.

Holiday Cleaning Tips Before Your Guests Arrive

1. Clean the Countertops and Glass Doors

Countertops and glass furniture are essential decorative items in homes. However, they are notorious for accumulating dust and stains, and should, therefore, be given proper attention during cleaning.

To clean them, spray the surface with your preferred cleaner and let it sit for about five minutes before wiping. This will allow the cleaning detergent to penetrate and dissolve any tough stains. It’ll also leave your house smelling fresh for longer.

2. Revitalize the Guest Bedroom

If you are hosting holiday visitors for more than one day, you need to revamp the guest bedroom. Chances are, your guest beddings have been cooped up in the closet for quite some time. If so, you might want to give them another wash to remove the muskiness. Ensure you have enough beddings for all of your guests.

Throw pillows should serve more than decorative pieces – they should provide a layer of cushion for firm beds. Also, stock the room with magazines and books that you believe your guests will love, and encourage them to carry them home if they want to.

More importantly, decorate the guest room sparingly. Serenity and space are more soothing than the clutter of glittery and shiny decorative pieces. If you really have to decorate, simply place a single flower in a vase on the bedside table or a nice clock on the wall.

3. Offer a Welcome Pack

Besides the obvious set of towels, it’s essential to provide your guests with small welcome baskets that contain some personal items like bar soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant. To bring out the festive mood, you could nicely wrap the items with ribbons.

3. Scrub the Kitchen

With the excitement of the holidays, your guests will most likely want to help in the kitchen. Therefore, it’s important to keep your kitchen neat and organized. Don’t forget to clean sinks and appliances you often use for cooking. Also, it’ll be helpful if you labeled all the food storage containers.

4. Invest in an Air Freshener

This is particularly important if you have several pets. To prevent odor from building up, light up a scented candle or use eco-friendly air fresheners. However, be mindful of strong fragrances – make it as neutral as possible, especially in the guest bedrooms.

5. Make Enough Room

Clear the clutter in all the rooms. If you don’t have time to sort your mail or paperwork, place them in a sorting box that you’ll come back to later. Fold or hang up all clothes and remember to leave enough space in the closets for your guests to keep their items.

6. Get Personal

Amid all the stressful preparation, you can easily forget that it can be somehow difficult for your guests to get accustomed to a new place. But there are a few things you can do to help them settle in.

For instance, you can remove your personal items like family photos and clothes from the guest room. This will help the visitors feel like the space is theirs for the period they’ll be at your home.

A little welcome note on the bedside table will also make them feel more invited.

7. Create a Meal Plan

It will be really helpful to figure out what kind of meals your guests want for the holiday. If you are having your whole family over, it won’t hurt to send an email ahead of time asking for suggestions.

You can also make a meal plan for who cooks when. A meal plan will help you budget and know what to shop for. Don’t forget to ask about specific allergies.

Ask for Expert Help from SERVPRO

Sometimes, holiday cleaning can be tough especially with a large group of guests. Additionally, the holiday season is a time to relax and have fun, and not to clean.

If you are looking for professional cleaning and restoration services, look no further than SERVPRO in Percy Priest and Hickory Hollow. With our 24/7 service and expert cleaning techniques, we will leave your home sparkling clean in no time.

Getting Ready for Holiday Guests

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

What is the holiday season without a handful of guests at your home?

We all know how hectic the preparation process can get, especially if you are having several people over.

But don’t fret, you can make this year’s holiday preparation less daunting by using these cleaning tips from experts:

6 Ways to Prep for Holiday Visitors

1. Tidy Up the Coatroom

Add more racks and hooks in the coatroom to accommodate all of the guests’ cold weather gear. If the coatroom is too small, use a spare bedroom. Before the guests arrive, clear out strewn items, spritz some air freshener, and put on the lights.

If you have a no-shoes policy in your home, place a small bench or chair by the entryway so your guests can easily take them off.

The coatroom is probably the first room to be noticed, so make a good first impression.

2. Stock Up Bathroom Essentials

Don’t assume your guests carried all of their bathroom essentials. To avoid awkward situations, always have towels visible and easily accessible for your guests. A good place to keep them is on their beds. This way, they don’t have to ask for them and they’ll be free to take a shower whenever they want.

Also, stock the bathroom with enough toiletries. Some of the most essential items include toothbrushes, toothpaste, after-shower robes, face towels, and washcloths. Also, you can give your guests a treat with a few luxuries like a lush bottle of shampoo, a special soap, and some good perfume and cologne.

3. Spruce Up the Guestroom

These rooms are rarely used, so it’ll be necessary to start by dusting and vacuuming the surfaces. Be mindful of any odors or strong scents in the room – your guests might not be comfortable with the lavender air freshener you love so much.

Make sure the AC is working properly and open the windows before they arrive.

Replace the old beddings with fresh, clean ones. Tuck them in nicely to create an inviting space. Jersey or flannel sheets are ideal for cold months, while cotton and satin sheets are perfect for the warmer months.

Additionally, ensure your guests have adequate drawer and closet space. Keep a variety of hangers to hold their jackets, trousers, and flimsy dresses.

Don’t forget to provide a full-length mirror.

4. Anticipate Your Guests’ Needs

It can get quite uncomfortable when your guests have to keep asking for little supplies that you forgot to provide.  At the minimum, try to have extra tissues, wipes, magazines, and a small trash bin in the guest room.

Other things you may want to consider include the Wi-Fi password, the alarm codes, extra blankets, as well as a notebook and a pen in case they want to jot down something quickly.

You can also provide them with extra house keys so that they can feel free to go out for walks or shopping as they please.

5. Stock Your Kitchen

Apart from catching up with friends and family, the holiday season is a time to enjoy some great family dishes.

Depending on the number of guests you’ll have, ensure your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets are stocked with enough food. This will give you more time with your visitors as you won’t have to do any major shopping.

Ask your visitors if there are any specific drinks or snacks they’ll love to have. Also, make things easier by having a scrumptious meal plan for the guests. Don’t put them on the spot by asking what they’ll have for dinner. However, it’s important to ask for any food allergies.

6. Prep the Kids

If you have kids, don’t automatically expect them to know how to behave with guests around – it’s something they have to learn. Before your visitors arrive, discuss with them your expectations and how to respect the guests’ privacy.

It’s also a good idea to include them in the preparation process. Encourage them to think of more ways that they can make your guests feel more welcomed.

Contact SERVPRO If You Need Any Help in Your Holiday Cleaning

Because there are a lot of things to do during the holiday season, it can be daunting to clean the whole house. If you are unable to revamp your home in time, consider getting help from professionals.

SERVPRO of Nashville and Percy Priest is always on call to help you out with your holiday cleaning – regardless of the size. We’ll make your home spotlessly clean and conducive for your guests.

6 Top Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Office

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

It’s finally starting to get warmer, and the baseball season is well underway. That means only one thing: spring is here!

While it may be exciting to bid winter goodbye and say hello to great outdoor activities, the onset of spring also spells the beginning of cleaning and de-cluttering. It may sound exhausting, but spring cleaning is necessary if you want to really enjoy the season.

And cleaning is not only for our homes and garages. Your office also needs to be on the spring-clean list. The good news is that it’s way much easier to spring clean an office than it is to clean up your home.

So, how do you go spring clean your office?

Cleaning Your Office for Spring

1. Get Rid of Desk Clutter

There’s a good chance that most of the things that take up space on your office desk are not that important. It’s either that, or they are important but misplaced and disarranged. This makes de-cluttering your desk the very first thing to do when spring cleaning your office.

To do this, sort all the items on your office desktop into three labeled categories – “shred/dump,” “back on the desktop,” and “put away.”

Once you’re done sorting them out, file the contents of the heap labeled “put away” and tuck them nicely into a cabinet or bookshelf. Reorganize the files in the “back on desktop” category and arrange them accordingly on the top of your office desk. But before you put anything back on the desk, ensure that it is clean. Shred the rest and properly dispose of them.

2. Ditch the Ink

Nothing is as frustrating as reaching out for your pen during a busy day at work, only to realize that it’s not working. Surprisingly, these types of pens out-number the functional ones in most offices. This is because every time a pen stops working, you’ll probably put it in the same place as your working pens.

This mixing of functional and non- functional pens on your office desk hinders productivity since you always have to play a game of probability every time you reach out for a pen. To solve this, go through your heap of pens and ditch the ones that don’t work.

You will be surprised at how much this simple hack can improve the convenience at your office.

3. Tray Chic

If you don’t have one, find an old tray in your home and use it to store things that you frequently use such as pencils, staplers, and tape dispensers. Also, store small books and other office items in art and document boxes.

This way, your office will be much easier to dust and clean.

4. Check the Cords

Apart from making your office clumsy, running cords can also cause accidents. With that in mind, you should have them organized and tucked nicely in a safe place.

You don’t need a lot of things for this task. Simply use binder clips to organize the cords.

5. Clean up Your E-Space

Office spring cleaning doesn’t end with eliminating unnecessary items in your physical space. You also need to get rid of clutter files that may be slowing down your computer.

To clean up your E-space, you’ll need to delete files that you no longer need. Organizing your files will also help you identify duplicates that could be eating up valuable storage space. While you’re at it, don’t forget to back up important files in a secondary location, such as the cloud, for extra security.

6. Organize Your Emails

It is quite likely that your office gets tons of emails every day. As such, your inbox is bound to overflow more than often. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for having a clumsy inbox. Make a point of organizing your emails by date or any other order you may prefer. The fact that you are the only person who gets to see them shouldn’t count as an excuse for not keeping your inbox neat.

Let SERVPRO in Percy Priest Do the Heavy Lifting

While these tips may seem simple and straightforward, they go a long way in making the beginning of spring easier and lighter for you.

However, since everybody is super-busy at the office, nobody has the time to do the actual spring cleaning. It’s a good idea to hire a cleaner to do the heavy lifting. And not just any cleaner – professional cleaners like SERVPRO.

SERVPRO is well-equipped and experienced for large-scale cleaning projects. Call us today, and get your office revamped for the spring.

How to Spring Clean Bathrooms

4/2/2018 (Permalink)

The bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms in a home, especially when it comes to spring cleaning. Most homeowners will agree that this is no simple task. It requires a lot of products, time, and strength. Let’s not forget the risk of slipping and injuring yourself.

Regardless of the excuses for not cleaning your bathroom, the germs and grime will keep accumulating and make the situation even worse. Therefore, it’s time to pick up the tools, and face the clutter and stains that were left behind by winter.

But how should you properly clean your bathroom after a long, cold winter?

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – Four Easy Steps

1. Clear Unwanted Clutter and Open the Windows

This should be your first course of action.

Step into your bathroom and identify anything that may hinder your cleaning process. This includes checking your bathroom cabinets, drawers, and other storage spaces. You will be surprised at how much unnecessary stuff you hoard in there. In most unkept bathrooms, these are the places that harbor germs, dust, and foul smells.

Empty everything in your drawers and throw away unnecessary items to create room for more useful things. Don’t forget to check the space behind your bathroom door.

While you’re at it, remove your area rugs, curtains, and towels. Put them together with other dirty clothes that will need washing. Don’t be tempted to throw them into the laundry machine right away. You don’t want to get distracted before you even begin cleaning your bathroom, do you?

As you remove clutter from your bathroom, you will certainly unleash a cloud of dust and foul smell in your home. To prevent this, you should open your windows for fresh air. If your bathroom doesn't have windows, open the door and turn the fan on.

2. Dusting Your Bathroom

Once your bathroom is clear of clutter and your windows are open, you can now start dusting. However, this shouldn’t be done randomly. You need to use the top-to-bottom technique to avoid messing up freshly cleaned areas.

This means that you will begin dusting high points in your bathroom, such as shelf tops, windowsills, vents, light fixtures, and mirrors, and you work your way down to the bathtubs, baseboards, and floor. For more efficiency, start from one corner of the bathroom and clean your way to the door. This ensures that no debris will be left behind. Don’t forget to remove cobwebs from corners and the ceiling.

For dusting, it is recommended to use a soft piece of cloth.

3. Scrub and Wipe

Having dusted everything, it’s time to get down to the actual scrubbing and wiping. Remove any scum that may have accumulated in your bathtub and shower stall using a scum remover, warm water, and soap.

Also, wipe the vanity and the sink using a washcloth soaked in a disinfectant. Be sure not to miss the handles and hard-to-reach areas.

Don’t forget the doors, drawers, baseboards, ceiling, door jambs, cabinets, shelves tops, drawers, and windowsills. Clean these areas using a soft piece of cloth soaked in warm, soapy water.

Also, give the mirror extra shine by wiping it down with vinegar or a glass cleaner.

4. Clean the Toilet and the Bathroom Floor

At this stage, you’ve cleaned everything but the toilet bowl and the bathroom floor. Using a toilet brush and your preferred toilet cleaner, give the inside of your toilet a thorough scrub and wait for a few minutes before you flushing.

As you wait, move to the toilet bowl’s exterior and wipe it down with a soft washcloth and disinfectant. Be sure to attend to the handles and walls. By the time you’re done cleaning the outside of your toilet bowl, your toilet will be ready to be flushed. Flush it down and watch it sparkle.

Finally, mop the floor of your bathroom and proceed to clean the bathroom curtains and mats you removed earlier. After everything is clean, restore curtains and rearrange your bathroom. If you wish, you can use an air freshener for an even cleaner feeling.

If You Need Help Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom, Call SERVPRO Hickory Hollow

If you want the easy way out, you and your friends can come together and hire SERVPRO. SERVPRO is available for large-scale cleaning projects. Our highly skilled technicians are equipped with the right cleaning equipment and products to leave your bathroom squeaky clean at a pocket-friendly price. No job is too big for us!

So what are you waiting for? Call SERVPRO for a top-to-bottom home spring cleaning.

Winter Cleaning Checklist for a Spotless Home

11/27/2017 (Permalink)

Winter Cleaning Checklist for a Spotless Home

Most people consider winter to be the cleanest and least-dusty season of the year and, therefore, do not engage in home cleaning as thoroughly as they do in the warmer seasons.

While winters are indeed less dusty than other seasons, this does not mean that your house is a dust-free haven. You home will still need a good scrub.

Here are some home cleaning tips you should consider this winter.

3 Home Cleaning Tips for You This Winter Season

1. Don’t Forget Your Summer Appliances

Summer home appliances like the ceiling fan and the HVAC system, should not be left to accumulate dust and dirt over the winter period.

Ensure you give your ceiling blade a clean wipe. For the HVAC system, it is recommended that you get professionals like SERVPRO to properly clean it. 

2. Clean the Furnace and Change the Air Filters

Before you fire up the furnace this winter, ensure it is clean. Regular cleaning and maintenance will save you a lot of cash on furnace repairs.

Clean air filters improve the air quality of your home. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends replacement of air filters at least twice per year regardless of the season.

3. Clean and Prepare Your Fridge for the Winter

You need to stock up your fridge with enough food for the winter. But before you do this, ensure that you give it a thorough clean.

Moreover, check to see whether essential components like the coils are working properly.

4. Clean the Soot

If you have a fireplace in your home, you definitely have soot all over your windows and walls, and this will make your home unsightly. For slight soot stains, you can use vinegar and water.

However, for stubborn stains, it’s best you seek the services of a professional. You can trust SERVPRO for such cleaning projects.

Leave the Tedious Winter Chores to SERVPRO and Enjoy Your Holiday

Winter home cleaning is a time-consuming and tedious chore.

Why not call SERVPRO to do the job for you? We are a leading home cleaning and emergency restoration company in Hickory Hollow and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, cleaning products, and a highly skilled staff. Feel free to contact us today!

Holiday Emergency Preparation Tips from SERVPRO

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

The holiday season is that time of the year filled with joy and happiness as friends and family get together to engage in the festivities.

While you indulge yourself in the merrymaking, ensure you are prepared for any emergency that can occur during the holidays.

3 Top Holiday Emergency Preparation Tips in Nashville

1. Ensure Kids with Allergies Have Identification Tags

What is a holiday without some cool gifts? Often, your kids will get tasty treats, and because they love sweet things, they may end up taking something that will flare up their allergies. You wouldn’t want your child spending his/her holiday in the hospital, would you?

And since you wouldn’t want to be perceived by your visitors as the weird overprotective parent who supervises each gift a kid receives, you can use small (but noticeable) identification tags to indicate that your kid is allergic to a particular foodstuff.

2. Keep Electrical Appliances Away

With your home full of people during the holidays, you need to make sure that your kids and guests are not exposed to any hazardous elements such as electric appliances.

Ensure that all appliances are working properly and keep all small unused electric appliances in locked cabinets before your little champ gets electrocuted. Also, make sure you remove all holiday lights from once the festivities are done.

3. Conduct the Holiday Cleaning in an Orderly Manner

Before your guests arrive at your home, you need to do some thorough cleaning.

We know you don’t like doing this (who does?), that’s why we are here to offer you a helping hand. At SERVPRO, we have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products that will leave your home spotless.

Moreover, after you are done with the festivities, don’t jumble everything in a monstrous heap. Call SERVPRO Nashville.

Let Professionals Handle Your Holiday Cleaning in Nashville

The holiday season is a time to make merry and relax. It’s such a buzzkill when you think about all the cleaning that you have to do.

With SERVPRO, your holidays just got better. From carpet cleaning, to repainting your walls, to mold remediation, and air duct cleaning, we’ve got you covered. And if there is a fire or water emergency abruptly occurs during this season, SERVPRO has quick emergency restoration services that you can count on.

Call us today!

A Guide on How to Prepare Your Home for Visitors This Holiday Season

11/13/2017 (Permalink)

A Guide on How to Prepare Your Home for Visitors This Holiday Season

The best thing about being at home is enjoying priceless moments with friends and family. Opening your home to others creates a sense of connection that every person yearns for.

When you have guests over, you’ll have the instincts of making them as comfortable as possible. With proper planning and preparation, you can make them feel at home.

3 Easy Tips by Home Cleaning Experts in Percy Priest that Will Make Your Visitors Feel at Home

Some of the things that will guarantee your visitors a pleasurable stay at your home include:

1. Stocking Up on the Essentials

If you are having guest over, basic necessities are a must. If they are sleeping over, ensure you have fresh and clean sheets, pillows, towels, and a free shelf.

You should also provide them with personal items such as toiletries and razors.

2. Have Some Interesting Activities Lined Up

Since your guests are in a new environment, they’ll probably shy away from doing a lot of stuff that they usually do. Lighten up the mood with some board games, movies, discussions, and/or drinks.

Such activities will make them more comfortable and relaxed. The main aim is making them feel at home, right? There’s no better way to do it.

3. Prepare a Scrumptious Meal Plan

Visitors will expect to eat something better than what they usually have. Think outside the box and think of cuisines that your friends and family love.

Also, different people have different eating habits. So, ensure that you have snacks and easy-to-make meals available in the kitchen.

4. Keep Your Home Clean

Your guest will love staying in a clean and spotless house. This means that you are faced with the daunting task of some home cleaning. But this shouldn’t stress you. SERVPRO has your back!

We offer top-notch home cleaning services in Percy Priest. 

Let SERVPRO Handle All Your Holiday Cleaning

With these awesome tips, you’ll definitely have memorable moments with your friends and family. The holidays have never been this fun.

For efficient home cleaning services, ensure you contact SERVPRO Percy Priest. We’ll have your home spotless in no time.

Restore Your Home with SERVPRO this Holiday Season

11/6/2017 (Permalink)

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to get your cleaning groove on.

We know that this is not how you’ll want to spend the holidays. That’s why you need help from home cleaning professionals in Percy Priest.

Nonetheless, here are some major areas that you need to work on for your holiday cleaning:

5 Holiday Home Cleaning Tips from Restoration Experts in Percy Priest       

1. Give Your Entryway a Good Scrub       

First impressions are always important.

You need to wipe down the front door and give your doormat a good wash. Moreover, your exterior walls and windows should be cleaned accordingly.

2. Focus on the Kitchen   

In many families, it’s a tradition to gather around the dining table and have delicious holiday meals. For this reason, you’ll need to ensure your kitchen is not only clean but also smells nice. Cleaning your kitchen can be quite overwhelming and it’s recommended that you seek professional help.   

4. Don’t Forget the Bathrooms   

Making the bathroom spotless is a daunting task. To effectively removal stubborn on sinks and tiles, call SERVPRO of Percy Priest. We’ll not only clean your bathroom, but also inspect your sewer lines and clear them out (if necessary).

5. Remove Bad Odor

Sometimes there are those lingering smells that just won’t go away even after thoroughly cleaning your home.  While you could use air fresheners to freshen up the atmosphere inside your home, this is never an effective method since it wears off quickly. You can reinforce this by making a cup of coffee – the glorious aroma always does the trick.    

Do You Need Quick Home Cleaning Services? SERVPRO Has Your Back   

If you don’t know where to start with your holiday cleaning, it’s best that you seek the services of SERVPRO of Percy Priest.

Apart from having extensive experience and top-notch cleaning equipment and products, we have a highly-skilled and friendly staff that you’ll just love to work with. Whether you need a major emergency restoration or just need help with your holiday cleaning, don’t hesitate to call us.

We’ll be glad to offer you that much-needed helping hand.

Summer Pool Cleaning and Safety Tips

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

Keep your pool clean to enjoy all season long!

When summer brings the heat crashing into your daily routine, a pool is a great way to cool off and break up the dog days of summer.

But a water feature on your property requires a few important things, such as regular maintenance and awareness of safety when friends and family, particularly small children, come to take a dip in your outdoor oasis.

An above or in-ground pool can get slick with bacteria quickly if the water circulation, chemical balance, and equipment maintenance aren’t regularly cared for.

SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow has an excellent team of professionals who can quickly and efficiently assist if your water features cause any damage to your property. From backyard ponds, spas, waterfalls and pools, we can evaluate and offer advice on how to fix damage from broken equipment or other ancillary issues.

A glistening pool can turn murky and green within a day of neglect. A breakdown in water circulation, pH balance or clogged equipment can turn your water wonderland into a heck of an expensive fix. SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow can save you time and peace of mind by fixing water damage before it creates serious problems.

Safety around pools is often overlooked when the summer season begins. Follow the A, B, C, and D’s of drowning prevention for a fun, safe summer season. Don’t delay in protecting your home and backyard from any drowning risk. Most drowning deaths among young children happen at times when parents are nearby, but a child visits the pool alone.

  • A – Adults should be supervising at all times.
  • B – Barriers installed around the property prevent unsupervised swimmers from entering the water.
  • C – Classes for CPR and swimming can offer an added layer of safety.
  • D – Devices such as a lifesaving ring and shepherd's hook are crucial when someone is in trouble in the water.

Never leave your child or their friends unattended around water. Infants and children under the age of 2 can drown in as little as one inch of water. Enroll your children or children who visit your pool regularly in age–appropriate, year-round swim lessons taught by qualified instructors to maintain swimming skills. Non-swimming family members need lessons as well.

How To Care For Hardwood Floors

7/10/2017 (Permalink)

Follow these tips to keep your hardwood floors beautiful!

Imagine smooth, glossy, flawless hardwood floors on a mild summer day. Sunlight tumbles in through the window and highlights the surface. In the dead of winter, the floor shines with a rosy brown hue, welcoming its guests into the warmth of the room.

Hardwood floors are beautiful and need special care to stay that way. So it is important to clean them carefully to preserve their beauty. Be sure to remove all dirt, grime, mold, and debris using a natural bristle brush attachment which will not scratch the floor. Over the years, water damage, fire damage, mold growth, and other disasters may strip the floor as well. Additional restoration efforts are vital in these cases.


Polyurethane surfaces are the most common type of hardwood floor surface and can be easily cleaned by vacuuming. Remove dirt with glass cleaners such as Windex, and take care of spills by wiping with water. Steer clear of diluted vinegar, ammonia, and oil soap as cleaning agents, as these substances desaturate the floor’s color. Avoid rough cleaning, such as aggressive scrubbing of the floor’s surface, as this will also cause the surface to lose its color.


Clean these floors by vacuuming and dry mopping then applying a wood cleaner. Oiled hardwood floors tainted with stains or degraded with age can be restored through an application with hardwood oil, which can be found at many hardware stores. Let the oil sink in for two hours, and let dry.


Waxed floors require more constant care, as they will need to be re-waxed approximately once every two years. Strip old wax with a wax stripper, odorless mineral spirits or fast-drying Naphtha. Rub the stripper into the wood and then wipe off with a clean, soft cloth. Keep the area well ventilated at all times.

Why do all this work by yourself, though? If your hardwood floors incur water damage, give us a call. At SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow, we are dedicated to helping you fix these problems and more with our 24/7 commercial service and a team of highly trained individuals. Contact us by phone or online, and we’ll be there in a couple of hours to check it out. With SERVPRO, restoration is simple, the damage becomes nonexistent, and any hardwood floor “disaster” won’t seem so bad once our crew rolls around.

Reasons Why Duct Cleaning is Important During the Summer

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Air duct cleaning is beneficial for everyone in your home!

Can you answer the following questions: what exactly is duct cleaning, what does it do, and why is it significant for me and my home? Also, why is it especially important to have the air ducts cleaned during the summer time? This is something the professionals at SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow hear a lot.

Luckily, we’re experts in the subject matter! We can respond to those questions and make the decision-making process a tad easier. So the next time you’re thinking about ways to boost your home’s air quality or keep your system from needing frequent heating repair, you know what to do!

What is duct cleaning?

Duct cleaning is the elimination of dirt, particles, and debris inside your home’s air distribution system (the ductwork). Duct cleaning usually involves special tools, vacuums, and a process to free dirt and debris clinging to the interior walls of the ducts before being taken out with a powerful vacuum system. This varies from your routine air conditioner or furnace maintenance service that focuses mostly on your heating and air conditioning equipment.

What does duct cleaning do?

Duct cleaning can help your home and indoor air quality in a variety of ways, like:

*Removing dirt and dust from your home and the air you breathe, allowing clean air in.

*Eliminating germs and bacteria caused by excess dirt.

*Improving your heating and air conditioning system’s energy efficiency.

*Potentially relieving the symptoms of seasonal allergies inside the home.

Having the air ducts in your home cleaned is as painless as adding it onto your next heating repair service appointment with our experienced team. There’s no real excuse to delay duct cleaning like so many of us do, plus you’ll end up with heating and cooling equipment that’s working at its best efficiency as well as having clean air.

Tips to Keep Rugs in Top Condition

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These tips will keep your rugs as good as new!

A new rug can add color and liveliness or a sense of gravity and sophistication to any room. To keep a rug looking its best, the homeowner should consider the following:

The Care Tag

A homeowner should read the tag that came with the rug. If it can be removed, it should be filed away.

Where the Rug Is

A rug that's kept in a room that is used often, such as the den or family room, is going to need more care than a rug in a room that gets little traffic. The homeowner may want to buy a rug that’s made of synthetics for a frequently used room. Nylon, or example, is a tough fiber that can hold its own under a great deal of traffic.

On the other hand, a rug in a seldom-used room that gets direct sunlight needs care. The sun’s ultraviolet light fades colors and can even cause some fabrics to deteriorate. Some homeowners move the furniture around seasonally so most parts of a room-sized rug can be exposed to the sun. A smaller rug can be rotated.


Floor-sized rugs can be vacuumed. Smaller rugs can be taken outside, hung on a clothesline and beaten with a rug beater or shaken out. Many rug beaters are as decorative as they are useful, and can be hung on a wall.

The homeowner should check the label to see if a rug can be dry cleaned, put in the wash or spot cleaned. If the label says to spot clean, the homeowner should test an inconspicuous area on the rug beforehand. It’s best to machine wash a rug on the delicate cycle, then let it air dry. It should not be slung over a clothesline because it may be pulled out of shape. It should be left to dry on a rack, a group of bricks on the deck or over old towels or sheets on a table.

The homeowner should use an enzyme-based cleaner to remove pet stains and brush out pet hairs with a stiff brush. All stains should be blotted up immediately.

How to Store the Rug

A rug should first be cleaned by a professional such as SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow before it's stored. It should be wrapped up and placed in a dark, cool, dry place. A storage space whose climate can be controlled is ideal.

SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow is pleased to attend to the rugs of both residential and commercial clients. Visit their website for more information.

Blinds Can Help Control the Temperature in Your Home

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Save money on heating and cooling with window treatments and blinds.

The temperature inside your home is a critical component to your comfort and your HVAC system moderates that temperature. We all want to be comfortable but your heating and cooling system does not need to operate all day and night. This can inflate your energy bills and lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the heating and cooling system. A smart idea is to use window treatments to moderate the temperature inside the home. This can be accomplished in two distinctive ways.

A Thermal Buffer

Your blinds can serve as a thermal buffer that insulates the windows. Some windows have multiple panes, and the windows themselves are well-insulated to prevent temperature changes. However, glass can still allow some cold or hot air to pass into the home, and you need an additional layer of insulation. Some types of window treatments block temperature transfer between the interior and exterior of the home. You should keep the window treatments closed for the best results.

Moderating Radiant Heat

While the air itself can transfer heat or coolness into the home, radiant heat can also be a factor. When sunlight streams into the home, the radiant heat from the sunbeams can warm the air in the home. This happens on both warm and cool days, and it can impact how well your heating and cooling system operates. In addition, it can create drafts in the home that make the space uncomfortable to be in. A simple solution to this problem is to close your blinds to block direct sunlight from entering the home.

The air and light that passes through your windows can impact your home’s indoor climate in critical ways. Additionally, both of these issues can cause your HVAC system to work overtime. When this happens, repair issues are common.

One way to keep your HVAC unit in great condition is to have your air ducts cleaned. You can schedule an appointment with the skilled and trained technicians of SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow. By scheduling service at the first sign of a problem, you can minimize the risk of a more significant repair issue from developing. The team at SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow can handle all your air duct cleaning service requests at home or in the office. Give us a call today to see how we can help.

4 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

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If you notice these signs, give us a call for air duct cleaning!

Most people make it a habit to keep their home clean to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. Although vacuuming and dusting are the norms, it can be easy to neglect cleaning other areas of the home. When you want to improve the quality of the setting, there are a few signs that your air ducts need cleaning.

  1. Visible Mold

It can be easy to underestimate the effects of mold in the home, but the presence of the fungus can lead to serious health effects for residents who live in the building. You may find mold that is present in the ducts, which means that there are moisture issues. Mold is known for causing respiratory issues and will contaminate the air quality in the building. Without proper cleaning, the mold can spread and make the home uninhabitable.

  1. Allergies

You may notice that you begin sneezing or coughing while spending time in your home. Although allergies are common during the spring season, they can continue year-round for those who need to have their ducts cleaned. The dust and pollen can be removed, which will make it easier to breathe.

  1. Dirt and Debris

Dirt and debris will begin to clog ducts over time, which can release pollutants into the air of the home through the registers. Little puffs of dirt may also come out of the vents each time you turn on your heating or air conditioner. Clogged drains can also slow down the efficiency of the airflow. You may find dirt and debris present near vents or on the walls, which is a common sign that they the air ducts need to be cleaned.

  1. Infestations of Insects or Rodents

Critters and insects can find their way into the ducts and can cause serious infestations. Look for small husks or shells that may be present on the side of the ducts. You will likely find droppings left behind if an infestation has occurred. This means the ducts need cleaning by professionals like SERVPRO of Percy Priest/Hickory Hollow.

You can get all your ducts in a row by hiring a professional to remove dirt, grime, and infestations that may be present. By keeping the ducts clean, you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and will reduce your energy bills each month.

Clean Homes Sell Faster

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If you want your house to sell sooner, make sure it's clean!

It should come as no surprise that a dirty home is more difficult to sell. These homes are not just unappealing to the senses. They are a warning flag to anyone that views them. People typically wonder if any maintenance was completed if the homeowner will not take the time to even clean. SERVPRO of Percy Priest/Hickory Hollow works with concerned realtors that have clients who declutter and add a fresh coat of paint but forget about the issue of mold and mildew.

Drainage issues around the home and water damage all lead to serious problems that turn potential home buyers away. Mold and mildew may still be a problem for the seller even if the water drainage or leaking issues were resolved. SERVPRO of Percy Priest/Hickory Hollow can help realtors or homeowners that realize remediation services are needed to remove mold and make the house more appealing. Without services, the mold will remain and continue to spread.

The darker recesses of the home are the most concerning. These unseen areas often contain a lot of moisture due to outside humidity and are generally unnoticed by the homeowner. They are also more challenging to clean than a finished room. Unfortunately, mold in crawl spaces does not remain in crawl spaces. It spreads through HVAC systems into the interior of the home and can penetrate the walls as well. Even a small amount of mold may lead to odors and poor air quality.

A tidy home with a pleasant aroma will sell faster and may sell for more than what the same home would before a thorough cleaning. With mold in crawl spaces, it is hard for any home to look and smell its best. There is no way to hide this unappealing problem and no reason to try. Remediation and repair are fast and easy with professional help and it has the potential to make a home much more desirable. So give us a call if you need help taking care of mold or mildew. Our technicians and equipment will make those problems a thing of the past and your home will soon be off the market!

How Clean Are Your Air Ducts?

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What's lurking in your ventilation and air ducts?

It's easy to overlook your home's air ducts because they sit hidden in our walls and ceilings. However, “out of sight” does not mean “out of mind”. Your air ducts are one of the most important systems in your home. They require proper maintenance to function correctly and keep your home efficient. So how clean are your air ducts? If you have not had them inspected by a professional, you may find some of the following in your air system.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are tiny relatives of the spider family that live on the dead skin that falls off of people and pets. There is no known way to eliminate them, though you can keep their numbers down to manageable levels.

The feces of dust mites contain proteases, enzymes that are a strong allergen. Those feces are small enough to be airborne. There are usually 100 to 500 mites in a gram of dust, but there can be as many as 19,000 per gram.

Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew spores are also tiny enough to travel on air currents, and are also impossible to eliminate entirely. If moisture or high humidity is in your ducts, those spores can sprout, and the mold will grow in your ducts, releasing more spores.

Inspect Them Regularly

It is difficult to inspect your ducts without specialized equipment, but you can get an idea of how much dust there might be by removing a vent register and taking a look. If you can't get a good angle for viewing, you can use a hand mirror with a flashlight or take a picture with a cell phone. That would only show a small part of the big picture. SERVPRO of Percy Priest / Hickory Hollow has the tools and team in place to take care of your air duct cleaning needs. Your air ducts are the lungs of your home -- make sure everyone inside is breathing clean air by scheduling an appointment today!

Tips To Transition Your Home From Winter to Spring

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Get your home ready for Spring!

Tips To Transition Your Home From Winter to Spring

As the weather transitions from cold to warm, it's time to start thinking about the safety of your home. As a homeowner, you'll want to deal with any issues that arise from temperature changes as soon as possible. Here are few tips that will help you as the seasons move from winter to spring.

Keeping Everything Dry

One important thing you can do during the seasonal transition is make sure your home remains dry. When snow and ice thaw, the resulting run-off can make its way into your home and cause major damage. Have a professional take a look to ensure your home is sealed tight. Especially if you have dealt with mold issues in the past.


In fact, it's a good idea to have your home tested for mold as the seasons change. Mold can be insidious and it often takes professional help to have it dealt with. Don't delay - have someone look for mold in your home today.

Checking Out Basic Systems

It's also a great time to check out all the basic systems of your house to make sure they are ready for spring. An important system to look at is your HVAC unit, especially if you have not turned on your air conditioning during the past several months. A quick check-up will usually help you more than you can imagine.


Having SERVPRO of Percy Priest/Hickory Hollow clean your air ducts is a great way to start spring cleaning. It would surprise you seeing the amount of debris and dust that your air ducts collect. Our crews and equipment can rid the air in your home of the dust that accumulated during the winter!

It's also a good idea to have your plumbing looked at before the weather changes. Drips and leaks that you hadn't noticed over the winter might cause problems as the weather gets warmer. Again, a professional check-up can help you out quite a bit.

Don't despair if you aren't sure what to do during this transition period. Make sure your home is safe, dry, and above all else, that every system in your home works. With a little bit of professional help, you will be ready for the new season.